Announcing Current Conservatory Enrollment!

Musical Theatre: 

Bellise Sacchetto, Cameron Newman, Austin Zielenbach,  Presley Nicholson, Sydnee Howes, Grant Halliburton, Kasandra Georgi, Ewan Herd, ,Sydney Wright, Taylor Zielenbach, Faith Peponis, Joel Robinson, Ava Price


Regan Barclay, Cydney Thornton, Holiday Jones

Technical Theatre: 

Jadyn Fox, Emily Smith, Sophia Land           

Interested in being a part of the SJHHS Performing Arts Conservatory Program?

What is it? - A program created to assist high school students in being prepared for either a career in the arts or a conservatory/collegiate program. 

What does it require?- Like majoring in college, the students are required to complete a certain amount of classes before they graduate, as well as meet discipline specific benchmarks in their growth through the program. These benchmarks can include but are not limited to- outside auditions, learned skills, volunteer commitments, and participation in after school productions. It also includes GPA and citizenship requirements. Each discipline has specific requirements due to vastly different specializations. 

How do I learn more?- You can e-mail an instructor , or set up a meeting with them in person. If you are interested in a conservatory program please e-mail the following:

Ms. Beilstein- Theatre Arts-


What are the conservatory majors? 

Theatre Arts- Theatre, Musical Theatre, and Technical Theatre. 


How do I apply? Schedule a meeting to submit your commitment with Ms. Beilstein,  in order to ensure it is the right choice for you. Most conservatories will have discipline specific meetings from June of the prior school year through September of the 9th grade school year to chat about it and enroll interested students. 


Deadline for new students to Enroll in  Conservatories: November 1st of each year.